Mina in Neerpelt (B)

I love it when a plan comes together: teaching people is not only my hobby, it is my passion to (re)teach others that fine experience of feeling fantastic! The satisfaction when ‘the penny drops’ and those AHA moments… – “so THAT is how my body works… fabulous”. My goal is to work together with you, so that YOU get back your intelligent, self regenerating body. As nature intended.

In 2001 I began my more conscious movement adventure with Pilates. Healthy living (organic food, time in nature, skiing and taking care of my horses) was the story of my youth and Pilates was a great addition. Not only due to the positive effects of the Pilates lessons on my general health, but also because of illness in my family, I was becoming ever more curious as to the best way to enjoy and maintain health and vitality.

In 2007 I completed my official education with the Comprehensive Pilates Training and began teaching.  In 2008 I opened my studio: Studio Pilatico. My interest in the psoas muscle led me to the work of my teacher Liz Koch (I completed her CoreAwareness Application Course in 2012) and she in turn introduced me to the work of Katy Bowman. I was instantly captivated. Katy provided the answers that I had been searching for regarding health and vitality. Through her extensive Restorative Exercise™ program I have been inspired with new insights and knowledge. Because of this I renamed my studio, the alignmentLab. The address for movement education in Neerpelt (B) together with a fully equipped shop for all your alignment training needs for home and free time.

In July 2012 I completed the exam week in Ventura, California. After completing my project in August 2012 I was Certified RES-CPT (Restorative Exercise Specialist™ -certified personal trainer).  In 2013 I passed the exam for Healthy Foot Practitioner™.

Since June 2014 (together with alignment guru colleague Lucie) I am part of the teaching staff that assists Katy Bowman in her certification weeks, provides Skype sessions to the first year students and I am host and teacher of Move your DNA weekends.

I am in permanent continuous education with Liz Koch and Katy Bowman. Other courses and workshops that I have followed:

  • 2015 Rewilding day
  • 2015 Sport nutrition from Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • 2015 Braingym 101 by Flow-Motion
  • 2014 Restorative Breathing 1 breathing techniques by Lois Laaien
  • 2013, 2015 MELT hand and feet self massage by Sue Hitzman, Whitney Chapman
  • 2010-2012 Stretch Teacher & Therapist and Monkey Gym by Kit Laughlin
  • 2010 sports care Syntra

Pilates Training:

  • 2012 Rebecca Leone
  • 2011 Master series with Marie-José Blom
  • 2010 Jennifer Stacey
  • 2010 Kathy Corey
  • 2009 Lynne Robinson
  • 2008 Suzanne Martin
  • 2007-2011 Zenirgy
  • 2007, 2008 Body Mind Spirit Conference Santa Clara
  • 2006 Pilates Link course with the Zenirgy 12 day intensive
  • 2006 Pilates Style Conference

Inspired by books like:

  • The biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
  • The polyvagal theory by Stephen W. Porges
  • The Roll Model by Jill Miller
  • Beautiful Practice by Frank Forenchich
  • Kinesiology by Carol A. Oatis
  • Science of Stretching by M.J. Alter