Psoas Reset

We live in a world where excess stress is a normal part of life. Stress is fine, can be stimulating and growth promoting, at the right levels. And with the right amount of RELEASE. Troubles start when the stress experienced (due to our perception of life) is too high, too long and gets stored up in our cells.


Have you ever had a back that has ‘gone out’ or ‘slipped discs’, maybe a hernia here or there? Have a knee or hip issue remain no matter how many therapies you have tried? Fertility and/or menstruation problems? Difficulty getting enough air? Lack of energy, difficulty getting up in the morning? Constipation, diarrhoea?

Excessive stress impacts all areas of our lives.


For a very long time we have been separating the body from the mind and spirit.  And much has been over-simplified in order to make complex subjects available to Joe Blog. Our body has been divided into systems – nervous, integumentary, endocrine, muscular, skeletal, respiratory, cardio-vascular, urinary, reproductive, digestive, excretory and immune. Our mental health is in the hands of psychologists and coaches. Our spiritual health belongs to… take your pick: religion, atheist, new age… and on and on…

Western medicine consists of specialities in all of these areas. This can be seen as a logical development seeing that there is SO MUCH TO LEARN.

However, when dis-ease and dis-comfort prevail despite medicine, operations and many therapies, or the original issue is replaced by a new, perhaps vague and seemingly unrelated issue, we may be labelled as having an idiopathic disease (of UNKNOWN cause). And what then…? Indeed… What then…

If you have ever experienced a burn out, lost a loved one or been in an accident then you too have experienced that your body-mind-spirit are one and the same.

These days it is becoming ever more important to focus on prevention not only because our current system is financially unviable but even more importantly because it is time that we take our power backTo return to a way of life that is sustainable for our earth, body-mind-spirit and that of our children. To acknowledge that it is time to take responsibility for ourselves, for our health NOW, and not later.

Courage is needed for this step…


Our culturally defined habits, our beliefs and postures break or make the health in our psoas muscles. These muscles are often over-worked, under-paid and over-tired. The psoas, known as the filet mignon, should be tender and juicy.  Unfortunately our modern day human psoas is mostly short, dry and leathery.

Time for change…


The psoai muscles react to our state of mind. They do not know the difference between a real life threat (being chased by a prey) or imaginary (life) threats: being stuck in traffic, insulted by your boss, getting irritating emails, losing a loved one or a violent film (the News!), all of these experiences and interpretations can create a feeling of threat. This signals the psoas muscles to prepare for action – to run, to fight or to retreat into the fetal position in order to protect your vital organs. Have you ever experienced intense rage, fear, a churning stomach? Your psoas is activated.


Anatomically the psoas muscles connect the spine to the legs, from the 12th thoracic vertebra, all the way through lumbar 1 to 5. They attach, left and right, to the sides of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, passing over the pelvis in order to attach to the inside of the femur.

psoas and kidneys

The Psoai, aka “muscle of the loins”, “muscle of the soul” and “womb of the kidneys”, protect the lower part of our spinal cord by stabilising the lumbar vertebrae. Lacking the support of the ribcage the lumbar spine is much more mobile than the thoracic spine. This is necessary for our move-ability, however it does make this area more vulnerable.


The news is full of it: SITTING IS KILLING YOU 🙂 Our seated habits rearrange the length and strength and flexibility of all of our muscles, including our psoas muscles. Perhaps you already have a standing desk (right on!), unfortunately we have been professional sitters since we started school, during continuing education, mealtimes, in the train, the plane and the automobile, on the horse and the bike, in the gym and finally, on the couch to rest.

Sitting is a part of our culture. Our bodies adapt to the frequency and duration of our positions. Count how many hours you have been sitting since birth. How many hours chilling in your bed. The rest is your movement max (not counting movement in seated positions!!!).

Your body is pretty much the result of your movement max. Your body is not faulty! It is responding PERFECTLY to the input given. Your body is ALWAYS doing its best, in the circumstances…


The psoas plays an important roll in the function of your pelvis: elimination, fertility, sensuality and sexuality. Those full body movements during an orgasm? Your psoas is a major player, not only due to the lumbar plexus, but also because you must be able to experience safety in order to experience a full body orgasm.

We advise both (!future) parents to learn how to care for and release their psoai in order to increases circulation (nutrition) to the pelvis. This will support the reproductive organs which in turn will support conception and gestation. If you are already pregnant releasing your psoai will not only assist in giving your baby room to move, groove and grow, it will also help you when birthing.


The connections of the psoas and the diaphragm are intertwined like the fingers of lovers… Resetting the psoas will allow the lumbar spine to lengthen, the ribcage to return to its’ intended resting position. Then the diaphragm will give a sigh of relief. Balance. Easy breathing. Ease. Pleasure. Safety.


Action-Reaction. The action (thought – idea – worry – lion chasing you) of experiencing stress will always create a physical reaction. This includes the release of hormones, the adrenaline kick for example. Which is excellent and totally natural. Problems arise when this stress cycle is never ending, ie, the lion is neither escaped from nor fought. There is no lion. And when is the last time that you had foot stamping, physically expressed reaction to your internal struggle? Too much internalised stress will end up suppressing the immune system.

Children have an instinctive, reflexive way of releasing tension. The American, David Berceli observed this natural shaking/vibrating response while living in traumatised communities. The body has its’ own natural way to release tension in order to quiet down the brain and relax the body. This tremoring assists the body to heal itself from chronic stress, tension and trauma.


Stretching is not the same as releasing. Stretching will create a temporary extension which does not necessarily create new length or relaxation. Stretching has an effect upon the elastic properties of muscles and, just like an elastic band, once you stop pulling on it, it will revert back to its original length.

Massage can create a temporary release but it can also create more tension due to the sensitivity of this nerve rich muscle and location deep within our core.

Releasing or letting go is a process of learning to observe oneself, to feel oneself and to plug the brain back into unconscious areas of the body. Letting go is a process of changing the habits and thought patterns that are creating and maintaining the tension. Letting go is only possible when the body feels SAFE.


We have developed the Psoas Reset, a safe haven within which you learn how to optimise and reset your psoai which will enhance all areas of your life. The Psoas Reset is recommended for every human with a body, from top sporters to couch potatoes (disclaimer: it only works if you DO the work!!!) and includes:

  • Total body alignment through the bio-mechanical model as taught by Katy Bowman from Nutritious Movement
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Vagus Reset
  • Breathwork and meditation
  • Playful and energising explorations of the psoas as inspired by the work of Liz Koch
  • Tension Releasing Exercises TRE®
  • Tips and tricks to morph into health building habits
  • Tips and tricks to transform your work place into a place of wellness

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