Move & Improve

Health is wealth. Why move?

We aren’t going to be any younger next month but we can stand straighter, breathe better, relax our shoulders, release our hips, walk with grace and move with less effort.  These body dynamics are mindfulness related not age related.  The body adapts to your demands.  Choose wisely.

What do the alignmentGURUS have to offer?  

We offer health through movement education. Healthy aging is about acting on your desire to live in a strong, healthy and pain free body well into your advanced age.  The majority of physical problems attributed to aging are actually the result of long term misuse or disuse of our body.  A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest culprits.

Retrain your body to improve your movement patterns through scientifically based exercises that are simple to learn.

Team up with the alignmentGURUS!   2014-08-31 16.46.27mina lucy twist class kleiner

  • Online:  classes (downloads), skypesessions
  • On site: active workshops ( for example: rewild your  work place, walk yourself sexy, barefoot walking, tree climbing in the lab, strong&supple schouders, pelvic power)
  • Alignment weekends in the Benelux
  • Retreats in Greece
  • In the lab for group classes and personal training : Yoga2go in Castricum (NL) and alignmentLAB in Neerpelt (B)
  • Alignmentworkshops for movement professionals and massage therapists  for yoga, pilates and fitness, reflexology
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