March: neck and shoulder month, stay tuned for LAB exercise and natural movement:

Today, the Flab Exterminator

Believe it or not – the more ‘aligned’ you are in your body the better your circulation and FAT BURNING.
With every step you can lengthen your chest muscles, train your triceps, get a beautiful BUTT, lovely LONG LEGS, a STRONG BACK, ABS with les FLABs, regenerate and strengthen your BONES.
OH MY GOSH. The pluses of walking are just endless.
It is even good for your soul, mental health, love of life.
More about Alignment with Lucie Yoga2go, Align4Wellness and with Mina in the Alignment LAB.
She is giving a super duper workshop on the shoulders on 15 March 2015. So if you are in Asten (NL) or Neerpelt (B), you know where to go…

day 1 triceps LAB day 1 triceps nature

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